Commitment to Non-Judgment


Urban Survivor’s Union is committed to non-judgment. Whether you are an active user, in recovery, a former user or someone otherwise impacted by chaotic substance use we welcome you and hope we can be of assistance to you, while also welcoming your expertise in issues impacting our communities. We are interested in making a positive impact in the lives of an at risk community, we welcome you to help work with us to make a better world for those in our community.

We welcome outside viewpoints, differences in political and policy aims and levels of comfort with performance of various tasks in our organization. That said – our organization has several organizing principles that while you are welcome to disagree with, we are unlikely to change. These include our support for and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ individuals, people of color and sex workers. You are undoubtedly welcome, regardless of if you happen to share these views, as all are, but we much prefer you leave those disagreements at the door and be respectful of these views.

We believe that all oppression is connected and that the oppression and stigma felt by those impacted by the drug laws here and abroad is especially connected to the astonishing strife felt by those in black communities, in terms of mass incarceration. In addition, we know that LGBTQIA+ persons, people of color and sex workers have far higher rates of chaotic substance use than the general community. We welcome our doors to all of our brothers, sisters and friends who identify with these or any other communities and urge you to do the same.